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Friday, June 12, 2009

2007 World T20 Cup In South Africa II

Our last super eight match in 2007 WT20 was against one of the formidable teams in our group South Africa... After our batting got over we scored a mere 151/5 which is below par score when compared to t20 standards... But the fact that SA need to score 126 to reach the semis was unknown to me.... After the match only i got to know that... But the way the indian bowlers rattled SA batsmen was amazing... Particularly RP singh... What a bowler he is when he is in full flow... His bowling cards showing 4-0-13-4... 13/4 is the best bowling effort for Indians in t20 till now... Karthick took a blinder i'll say... wat a catch to remove smith... then morkel an boucher tried their best to move their team past the 126 mark... but harbhajan bowled well in the death and contained them to 116 and eventually SA knocked out of the tournament... Undefeated till the last match and one loss and out of the tournament (not a knock out game too)..... Bad luck for SA in world cup continues........... By the way i forget to tell about the Rohit heroics with the bat against SA... 3 wickets down and came into the middle this bloke carried his bat till the end of the innings, and finished of the match with a six of van der wath (SA all rounder) to reach his fifty..... Nice attractive an powerful strokes made this bloke to watch without blinking.... like most batsmen in the world rohit is also a strong legside player... anythin short he will pull u into the deep midwicket stands..... thats his strength.......rohit is now opening the innings for India in 2009 wt20...(due to sehwag's injury)....

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