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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

T20 World cup 2007 in South Africa

I dint know that t20 world cup 2007 is going on till i got the news that india an pakistan match ended in a tie and ofcourse India won the bowlout and the match... Den i showed some interest in the world cup... Some unknown names like rohit sharma an joginder sharma is der in the squad... More over my cable operator dint give us the channel in which the world cup is telecasted... so i got to know all the details via tv news only... I saw the india vs nz super eight match in my friend's home.. it gives me all the thrills an fun... more than 370 runs in just 40 overs man.... but it would be better had India won the match.... But mcmillan took the match away from us with his lusty blows towards the end.... India lost the match by 10 runs in the end... Den the all important match against our fav opponents ie England.... Had freddie not upset Yuvi the match would have gone in England's pocket.... Thanks freddie... Six Sixes in an over man... amazing to watch... but bad luck for me.. i'm not able to watch the match live on tv...... but i followed the match live on tv... while seeing the scorecard increased by six runs in each balls i am amazed...Has India got super power..?? anyway india won by 19 runs in the end... This match highlights i saw it 1000 times on internet...thanks to youtube..."


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