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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ghost Rider(2007 Film)

Ghost Rider is an 2007 American Super Hero film starring Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider). This film is written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson. This film is based on the Marvel Comics book of the same name. Ghost Rider was released in United States of America on February 16, 2007. On its opening date the film grossed $15,420,123 and it grossed $45,388,836 on its opening weekend… The film's domestic total earnings was $115,802,596 and worldwide total earnings was $228,738,393.



Nicolas Cage

Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider

Eva Mendes

Roxanne Simpson

Brett Cullen

Barton Blaze

Wes Bentley

Blackheart / Legion

Sam Elliott

Carter Slade / Phantom Rider

Peter Fonda


Donal Logue


Matt Long

Young Johnny Blaze

Raquel Alessi

Young Roxanne Simpson

Daniel Frederiksen


Laurence Breuls


Mathew Wilkinson


The film's gross revenue was around $228,738,393.. Ghost Rider received negative reviews from the film critics and on Rotten Tomatoes Ghost Rider has 28% positive reviews only while in Metacritic they gave 35/100… But it is a great commercial film for film buffs…

Transformers New Pictures III

Transformers New Pictures II

Transformers New Pictures

High buy..

Bollywood superstar shah rukh khan has bought a $20 million posh apartment in the park lane area of central london.. In his recent trip to london, where he was awarded an honorary doctorate for his contribution to cinema , art and culture by the university of bedfordshire, the ace bollywood star finalised the deal.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gautam Gambhir get arjuna award

Gambhir is the first male cricketer in six years to get the Arjuna Award... Gambhir has enjoyed good form since india's 2007 World T20 win and was recently the No 1 Test batsman before bein upstaged by srilanka skipper kumar sangakkara

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Vadapalani is one of the busiest area in chennai.. It is almost the heart of chennai.. Meenambakam airport and koyambedu bus stand is very near to vadapalani.. The famous Lord Murugan temple is in vadapalani.. Vadapalani has all the facilities to live in..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


After a great long gap, I came to see an update my blog.. I saw transformers II last weekend.. Wow.. Its an amazing movie... Its having simple story line that of autobots fighting decepticons but the way the director Michael Bay used the technologies and the way in which he told the story to us make us to engage in the movie without any second thoughts... Thats the strength of this director... The movie starts with Optimus prime telling us about the ancient primes (totally 13 i think) who came to earth in search of sun harvestor. The ancient primes though succeeded in building the harvestor then came to a decision that life bearing worlds (earth) must be spared.. But one prime among them later dubbed as Fallen betrayed their brothers and started to build the key for the harvestor (The Matrix of leadership). On hearing this all the remaining primes gave their life to destroy fallen and to hid the Matrix and the Sun Harvestor.. Actually Sun harvestor is used to destroy the sun and to give power to the Energon the main source of energy in the cybertron (the place where Autobots & Decepticons live)... The Fallen then retreat and went to cybertron and waiting for the correct time to take revenge on earth and to activate the harvestor.... In the current world Autobots joining hands with the humans and form the group called N.E.S.T. the Non-Biological Extraterrestrial Species Team which is led by the Optimus Prime is on the mission to destroy all the decepticons in the world... Optimus is joined by the newcomers Arcee (the three motorcycle girls), Sideswipe(who stylishly kills sideways), Jolt, and the twins Skids and Mudflap..... They are now on a mission in Shanghai , China to destroy the two decepticons Demolishor and Sideways... I must mention how demolishor looks..
Demolishor is the largest non combined Transformers seen in the films... And with this came the introduction of the Optimus Prime.. Prime came from a military aeroplane (N.E.S.T) and attacked Demolishor.. He killed demolishor with his blade but before demolishor died he whispered "the fallen will rise again".......

Now its time for Sam... Sam is getting ready for his college stint... While getting ready for his college, he found a splinter of the destroyed Allspark(With which sam killed Meagatron in the first part) . Upon touching the splinter sam mind is filled with Cybertronion symbols which actually contains the riddle that leads to the Matrix of the Leadership... The destroyed Allspark bring the Kitchen Appliances to become a transformed materials which in turn started to attack sam and his parents... With this scene Bumblebee came to help sam and destroyed all the appliances... (And also destroyed sam's car shed and his house and his father's garden)...