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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dil Scoop (Inventive New Shot by Dilshan)

Tilekaratne Dilshan is the chief architect behind the finalists Srilanka to reach the finals. with his wide range of shots..... Even though he flopped in the Finals (and thats the reason for his side's failure) he made this tournament a wonderful and memorable tournament for him an his team.... Lets come to DilScoop... After fielding restrictions are over and the field is widespread so that the batsman cant score boundaries at will , dilshan found a easy way to score boundaries... And that is over keepers head for the straight boundary behind him... This is slightly different from the normal scoop shot.. Scoop shot was to score boundaries over the fine leg region.. But this dilscoop shot is to score boundaries between wicket keeper and fine leg fielder... This is the best innovative shot and even better than KP's Switch hit... I want to see many more Dilscoop's in the future... But new innovative shots has to come to modern day cricket...

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