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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Australia won the 4th Ashes Test

Without freddie england lost the plot an the match at the hands of the mighty lookin aussies:-) north played wonderfully an scored a hundred for the australia which proved to be vital for them to out score the england :) England won the toss of the fourth test of the ashes an they decided to bat first on the cloudy morning. . . And the decision seemed to be the axe for them as the australian bowlers came good an bundled them out for a mere 102. . . Johnson and clark bowled well an troubled the top order an siddle is too good for the lower order:) prior an cook are the only batsman to reach the double figure mark in the first innings.. Aussies are too good for them in the batting too:) they outscored them in each an every department. . Broad only bowled well in the end an took 6 wickets for englishmen:-). And in the second innings too england struggle against the moving ball an their top order fall like a pack of cards.:-) Except broad an swaƱn no english batsman gave a fight an fell down to aussies:-). And after a wonderful match australia levelled the test match in a outstandin way an we are all keepin our fingers crossed for the final and the most important test match of the ashes.. Man of the match is none other than the only centurion of the match Marcus North:-)

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