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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Dark Knight (Batman II) 2008 Film

As a sequel to Batman Begins the film which released in 2005, Christopher Nolan directed and co-written The Dark Knight , a 2008 superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman. The Dark Knight cast includes Christian Bale reprised the lead role as Batman, Heath Ledger as joker (Academy Award for this role for Best supporting Actor), Aaron Eckhart as Two Face/Harvey Dent, Gary Oldman as Gordon, Maggie Gyllenhaal,Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. The Dark Knight is about how Bruce Wayne/Batman, District Attorney Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes, and Police Commissioner James Gordon faced their struggles and journey in combating the new rising threat of a criminal who goes by the name of the "Joker".

Christopher Nolan said "The inspiration for the Dark Knight was the Debut of Joker in comic book around 1940 and also the Two face origin in the 1996 book of The long Halloween"… The Dark Knight was filmed around Chicago, New York, Hong Kong and also in United Kingdom…. The Joker's introduction in this film was shot using an IMAX camera and some sequences in this film are shot using this camera… The film was initially released in Australia on 16/07/2008 and in North America on 18/07/2008 and in the United Kingdom (England) on 24/07/2008….. Even before the film debut in North America the film has a record numbers of advanced booked tickets…. It is only the second film to take more than 500 million dollars at the North American box office and the fourth film in the world to take more than one billion dollars and also the fourth film which has highest grossing worldwide… The film has two Oscars awards... One for Heath Ledger and another one for the Best sound editing…The film have many positive reviews and it has 94% positive reviews on rotten tomatoes and 8.5 out of 10 marks in metacritic… Before the film released Heath Ledger died due to the toxic combination of drugs…. The film has much positive reviews mainly due to Heath Ledger stunning acting as a Joker… The film's total budget was around 185 million dollars and the film's gross revenue was around 1,001,921,825 dollars worldwide… The film was produced by DC Comics, Legendary Pictures, Syncopy Films.. Music is by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard… Cinematography was done by Wally Pfister and the editing portion was done by Lee Smith…. The film's story was written by David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan and the screen play was written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan..


  1. The Dark Knight was the very first movie that me and my husband saw together last year August 04, 2008. What a coincidence that you post this today August 04, 2009!

  2. Very good movie