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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reverse Swing (The weapon of England fast bowlers during 2005 Ashes)

Reverse swing is a wonderful art of swing bowling and it is found by pakistani great Sarfraz Nawaz.... In 1979 in a match against Aussies Sarfraz Nawaz took 9 wickets with the help of this reverse swing.... That included a mesmerising spell of 7 wickets for 1 run in 33 deliveries... He then passed on his knowledge to another Pakistani great Imran Khan... Imran passed on to Wasim Akram an Waqar.. But it was Waqar Who used it the most to crush the toes of the opponent batsmen and to uproot the legstump out of the ground... Reverse swing will favour old ball so it will start reverse after maximum 40 overs..... But England bowlers during the 2005 Ashes get it to reverse swung as early in 15 - 20 overs... Simon Jones an Andrew Flintoff used it to maximum an got the wickets..... Australian Batsmen dint have an answer to reverse swing till now after the 2005 ashes.... And it is evident in the Australia tour of India when Zaheer an Ishant used the reverse swing to trouble the Aussies..... Aussies must found a way to tackle reverse swing or otherwise the Ashes 2009 is all but gone for them........... Umar Gul used the reverse swing in the World T20 2009 to get the most of the wickets........ Will Aussies able to survive the scar of reverse swing attack....??? We'll see it soonn.......


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