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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Optimus Prime – The Leader of Autobots (Transformers)

Optimus prime is the leader of the Autobots types of Transformers… Actually transformers is the aliens who came from the planet called Cybertron and they are of two races Autobots and Decepticons… Autobots is led by Optimus Prime and the evil decepticons is led by the Megatron… They are able to "transform" from a vehicle into a robot like form so that they can use both the vehicle an robot mode thus they are called transformers… It is said that both Optimus and Megatron are brothers.. In the Transformers first part after the Death of Megatron , Optimus said "Brother you leave me no choice"… But it is not sure that both are brothers.. Optimus prime transforms into a cab over semi truck , In the transformer film optimus is transformed into a red with dragon stripes cab over semi truck.. He is got a big blade fixed in his right hand… Short range optic blasts, holographic map projections , a palm mounted projector and hydro foils are other features which optimus prime is having… Prime doesn't like Rap music.. And he like Televised sports particularly Basket ball which he plays sometimes also… And in the second film it is said that Optimus Prime is one of the thirteen primes who were formed first in the cybertron…


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