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Monday, July 6, 2009

Nadodigal (The film Which attracted me towards it in no time)

Nadodigal is a tamil film which is directed by samudrakani and acted by Sasikumar, Vijay Vasanth, Bharani, Kanja Karupu and Ananya.... Even though it is a story which we saw in earlier films like shajahan etc.., this film has something special... Story : Three friends (sasi, vijay vasanth, Bharani) who are enjoying their life and their love.. While SasiKumar is loving his Uncle's daughter, Vijay vasanth is loving sasi's sister and bharani is trying to love one... The film moves at a normal pace till the arrival of Saravanan (Sasi kumar's friend).. He changed the life of the three friends by his entry.. He is the son of ex M.P(his mom). The girl whom he is in love was the daughter of a bigwig in namakkal.. when their love is known to their family they are in deep trouble. So saravanan came to rajapalayam (where sasi lives) asking for his friend's help. And Sasi agrees to help and after a big trouble the trio with the help of kanja karupu (unwillingly joined friend) helped the lovers to joined hands.. And after that they get caught to police and they came out in bail... Within a week the lovers had developed a lot of differences and split without even telling to the trio of friends.. While trying to help his friend's love Sasi lost his grand mother, vijay lost his legs, an bharani goes hearing impaired... When they get to know that the lovers got separated without even telling a word to them, they got frustrated and they decided to kill them... But how the trio kidnapped the lovers an taught them a lesson form the climax of the story.. Its an interesting movie goes at an fast pace without any slack in it... Everyone has to see this movie for the right spirit in which this movie is taken...

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