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Friday, July 10, 2009

BumbleBee (Transformers Character)

Bumblebee is more of a reliable messenger and a spy… His smaller sizes allows him to move to the places where higher and the gigantic transformers cant go..He is known as the "little brother" to other autobots… He has admiration towards other stronger robots especially Optimus prime their leader… He is known to take high risks that placed him in a more danger position… In transformers film his autobot mode is Chevrolet Camaro .. First he appeared in 1976 model Chevrolet and during the movie he changed himself into fifth generation Camaro… In the movie his vocal cords are affected in a battle which Ratchet tells while checking his vocal cords… So his communication is through radio only… His first scene is " Bumlebee entered the car shed of the car seller and make Sam Witwicky to choose himself.. And in the night Bumblebee started automatically which sam thought his car is stolen by someone and he follows bumblebee to a place where bumblebee transforms into the robot mode and send a signal to the other transformers…"… When Barricade (Decepticons) attacked Sam bumblebee interrupts and save Sam.. He damaged barricade severely in the scene… After that Bumblebee is caught in a trap set by the secret agents working for sector 7.. Sam comes for the rescue of bumblebee and he along with Allspark flees out of the Hoover Dam with the Bumblebee… Then the final battle tooks place in the Mission City which is 7 km away from the dam… In the final battle bumblebee lost his legs.. But with the help of mikaela and longarn he defeated Devastator… After the battle bumblebee got alright and asked permission from Optimus to allow him to stay with sam an mikaela… In the movie bumblebee voice is given by Mark Ryan…